About Us

A dynamic, proactive company, and like few companies in the market, interested in the success and evolution of its clients’ businesses.

Our Story

TND Brazil started its work in 2003, when waves of outsourcing services called outsourcing arrived in Brazil at once, and at the time, companies dedicated much of their time to the administration and management of the “Informatics” area as it was then called . It was necessary to centralize actions, attention, focus on the field of activity and on the company’s business itself and not on “Informatics”.

Thus, over these years, TND Brazil has focused its efforts on serving companies of all sizes and segments, providing consulting services and project development in Information Technology (IT), technical support, management and outsourcing of computing environments.

It also acts as a hardware and software reseller through the chain of distributors of each manufacturer and partners with well-differentiated and accessible final values, as a result of its provision of specialized technical service as a solution integrator.